A top down shooter, base/tower defense game where you fight against hordes of enemies, build turrets and defend your base on several different planets. Use your spaceship to shoot down foes and aid your tower base to defeat the oncoming hordes of enemies.

The main features of Metara can be summarized like this:
• Use your turrets and weapons wisely
• Don't stay away from your base to long!
• Memorize your path and environment

The goal was to create an original experience and a captivating gameplay. In my mind I think that we succeeded with that. I hope that all of you who choose to by this game will feel the same. Developing Metara during a four month period was truly an exciting experience. A team size that went up and down, peaking at five and at times it was just me. Everyone on the team was either students from PlaygroundSquad doing their internship or former students that chipped in. As this is AEIS first release I can not be anything but proud.

Welcome to AE Interactive Studios

No more vacation

Metara got it's first review, by JeremyR

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